About Artist:

Paul Juszkiewicz

Paul Juszkiewicz artist

Art was always my passion. I have been painting since I was a teenager.
As a professional artist I started painting 8 years ago. I love art, but life pushed me into computer science and business. I have a MBA in Statistics and Econometric (for most people very boring fields).
I have been successfully selling my art for the last few years. My paintings have found owners in Europe, Canada and of course in the USA.

Recently I moved to another branch of computer development – web designing. This web site is one of my projects.

My paintings are created through inspiration and passion of color. I enjoy use of warm colors and try to keep them keep them in dynamic movement. My idea of painting is base on my love of great modern, contemporary interior designs. I want keep my art easy to be applied to most modern, contemporary interiors to give them exceptional and unique look. My customers utilized my art in the decoration of the resturants interiors, lobbys and office rooms.

I like to use texture in my paintings and I try a lot of transparent mediums to bring something new and exciting. Each painting is original andauthentic created by me and personally signed. I use only the finest quality paint, brushes, and canvas.

Each of my painting is protected with high quality varnish to keep your investment safe. Every painting you purchase from me will be the best possible quality.
I would be honored to have my artwork in your home. Thanks for your support, it’s truly appreciated. Please continue to check in frequently for new and unique pieces from my studio.
I wish all the best to all visitors.

Thank you,